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Kupując teraz ten produkt otrzymasz 32 punktów lojalnościowych. Twój koszyk wyniesie 32 punktów lojalnościowych które mogą być zamienione na jeden bon o wartości 6,40 zł.



If you want to get to school, work or just go to relax a bit, this equipment is just for you! It will delight not only older children, but also adults.

The vehicle was made of the highest quality aluminum, thanks to which it is characterized by durability and lightness. All connecting and safety screws are made of steel, which guarantees durability of connections.

The steering wheel is equipped with rubber handles, ensuring the grip of the handle and the 3-level adjustment of the height will perfectly match the vehicle even for very tall people. In addition, the steering wheel is equipped with an aluminum clamp that provides even better mounting and guarantees stability. A large, low platform facilitates balance, so that beginners will also feel more confident.

Huge wheels and high quality bearings increase stability, smoothness and driving safety. Mounting two shock absorbers increases comfort when traveling on uneven ground Want to travel faster and nicer? Here you are! The Meteor City scooter will enable it!

In addition, the vehicle has been equipped with mudguards to protect against splashes, if the rain hits you and the rear will also be used for the brake.

Thanks to the folding structure, you can fold the scooter quickly and easily. You can move or hide it easily.

The unique design and high-quality workmanship will satisfy the most demanding users.

The original colors make the product extraordinary and elegant.

It's great as a gift.

The product complies with the European standard: EN 14619: 2006.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Wheels: PU
  • Diameter of wheels: 20 cm
  • Bearings: ABEC 7
  • Handles: rubber
  • The width of the steering wheel: 37 cm
  • Dimensions of the platform: 54,5x13,5 cm
  • Height: Adjustable, 3-stage
  • The maximum height (from the floor): 103 cm
  • Maximum height (from the platform): 96 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg net
  • Weight in the package: 5.3 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • Package dimensions: 88x33x14.5 cm
  • Brake: Foot on the rear wheel with a reflector
  • Anodising: +
  • Included:
    • Adjustable carrying strap
    • Keys for assembly
    • Instruction
  • Product for children over 3 years old.


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